Wanna Have a Good Time – Season 2 Out Now
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Wanna Have a Good Time – Season 2 Out Now

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A husband plans to cheat on his wife in her absence by calling a prostitute but when she does come he finds that she looks exactly like his wife. What is this twist of fate? Find out now on ‘Wanna Have a Good Time’ on the  Ullu app.

Season 2: A young Businessman, Roshan with his appealing personality, dates Rene a spoiled brat, where they plan for a date and a night to remember. Rene a chirpy and loud person suddenly got astonished on a special night. Watch what unexpected fears came out? New season of Ullu web series, Wanna Have a Good Time 2 out now.

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1 Jan, 2019

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1 Jan, 2019

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    Love this show

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    I want you

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