Shob Choritro
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Shob Choritro

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Abinash Mitra is a writer who is in search of a story, a story from a real life person. He meets a very interesting character K.C. Nag a mathematics maverick in a tea stall and starts following his life. They both get engaged in each other’s life and a tragedy happns. After his failed attempt with K.C. Nag, Abinash comes across the very daring Senjhuti and his boyfriend Anwar. Abinash starts to follow her /them and one fine night Senjhuti dies. Does Abinash have a superpower? Abinash consults a psychiatrist. She suggests him to write about dead people, may be some mythological character.
Meantime police inspector Debabrata takes up the case and starts investigation. He finds some clue. Abinash realizes that he has some superpower. He gets convinced when she sees Minalini in his friend’s party and finds resemblance to his character. He gets scared. Is Mrinalini going to die next ? Abinash plans to kidnap Mrinalini and keeps him in a safe shelter. Debabrata plans a trap to catch him. Seema, Soma and Tulika becomes pivotal roles in the plan. Will Abinash be able to survive ? Or one more death ?

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Season One

Release Date
Feb 21, 2022


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