Tera Chhalaava
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Tera Chhalaava

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Everyone has heard that ‘love kills’ but no one really knows why and how. Tera Chhalaava dives into 5 unusual stories of people who will go to extreme lengths to save their love, even if it means to, ironically, kill who they love! A prostitute eager to leave her life behind in the hope of a better future; a couple celebrating their first pregnancy while also dealing with infidelity; a husband who plans to leave no stone unturned to surprise his wife on their wedding anniversary; a renowned musician forced to make the most difficult decision of his life; and a successful novelist who unknowingly ends up scripting his own doom –Tera Chhalaava explores the complexities of love and various decisions that lead people down the path of destruction.

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Season One

Release Date
Jul 7, 2022


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